Director of the Learning and Development Directorate, Fay-Marie Browne, speaking at this morning’s opening ceremony for Level 2 training of the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Public Sector Administration. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

The Learning and Development Directorate (LDD) of the Ministry of the Public Service will be working to develop other National Vocational Qualification certifications in occupational areas which are specific and relevant to the work of the Public Service of Barbados.

This disclosure came today from Director of the LDD, Fay-Marie Browne, as she addressed the opening ceremony for Level 2 training of the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Public Sector Administration (PSA).

Mrs. Browne told the in-person and online audience: “LDD plans to continue development of the Occupational Standard. We want to have a fully operational and efficient system in place for offering the NVQ in the PSA Occupational Standard, so that we can move forward with offering services in assessing or recognising evidence of prior learning.

“Prior Learning and Recognition will be particularly useful in those scenarios where an officer has been acting in a post for some time, but is deemed ineligible for the job because he/she does not possess the required academic qualification. In this scenario, his/her performance report and relevant experience will be part of the solution.”

In outlining the benefits of the training, the Director told the 12 participants that the Occupational Standard would provide them with a blueprint for the execution of work, thereby helping them and all public officers to become more competent in their work and the discharge of service.

“It presents public officers with a route for appointment, promotion and career planning that is based on your ability to draw on your experience and prove your suitability for a job, and it will empower you to take charge of your careers,” she explained.

Mrs. Browne pointed out that the Occupational Standard was developed to provide public officers with related knowledge and skills required for working in the Public Service. 

She added that certification in the Occupational Standard also provided an added advantage of being better-able to understand the Public Service environment, its systems and processes.

She proffered the view that the Occupational Standard in PSA must be celebrated for several reasons, including the fact that the public service now has its own qualification that is specific and highly integral to building a culture of excellence.  

She noted that the qualification could be used to build management and leadership competence at all levels in the service.

Participants at today’s Level 2 training of the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Public Sector Administration. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

Manager of Technical Services at TVET Council, Wendy McClean, explained that NVQs were work-related, competence-based qualifications certifying that an employee had achieved national occupational standards of work performance.  

Ms. McClean said National Vocational Qualifications and Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) offered a wide range of benefits for employees, employers and the economy.

“Employees and other individuals gain recognition of their knowledge and skills; improved progress up the career ladder; improved employability and transferability and increased job satisfaction. Employers receive improved employee performance/skills; improved quality of products and services; more cost-effective targeted training and a better guarantee of job candidate’s capability/capabilities.

“Our economy benefits through labour mobility and transferability of skills within CARICOM; enhanced workforce competitiveness and competence being made explicit, and the provision of a clear basis for international comparison – this is a key part of investment decision –making,” she stated.

Ms. McClean said the Council has developed 108 NVQs and approved over 100 CVQs for delivery in Barbados. To date, LDD has gained centre approval status for delivery of NVQs in Public Sector Administration/Public Sector Management and qualification approval to allow for the assessment of candidates.  

The Directorate has also trained 24 public officers in Levels 2 and 3 NVQs; 12 assessors and 12 facilitators in the competency-based education and training methodology.

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