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After a smooth start to the school term, the Transport Board is urging parents, and, by extension, students, to take advantage of the Transport Augmentation Programme (TAP) buses whenever possible.

Chief Operations Officer of the Transport Board, Lynda Holder, explained that buses in the TAP are essentially an extension of the Transport Board and as such, adhere to the same rules and regulations, while offering the same concessionary fares.

“What this means is that students in uniform will still be able to ride for free as they would on a regular Transport Board bus,” she further outlined.

Mrs. Holder noted that the Transport Augmentation Programme now has over 70 participating vehicles and has been a welcome addition to the Board’s efforts in regularising public transportation.

“When you include the TAP with the 33 new electric buses and the existing diesel fleet, bus availability is over 140 buses,” Mrs. Holder remarked.

Commuters are however reminded that masks must still be worn to board not only Transport Board buses, but TAP vehicles as well.

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