The next session of Teaching Reading Made Simple will address vocabulary ??? sight words, antonyms, synonyms, root words and derivatives, prefixes and suffixes.

Principal of Belmont Primary School, Pamela Ifill, will facilitate the Learning To Read session to be held on Saturday, April 18, at 6:00 p.m. at the Erdiston Teachers??? Training College, Pine Hill, St. Michael.

Ms. Ifill said that the session was expected to be highly interactive: ???Vocabulary is crucial if we are going to understand what is being said.??Generally, people would think of vocabulary as just knowing words ??? seeing them and being able to call these. But knowing a word is being able to not only recognise it but use it meaningfully in its right context.???

Teaching Reading Made Simple is a course in the basics of teaching reading, organised by the Barbados Association of Reading (BAR) and geared towards parents, teachers and reading volunteers.

For further information, persons may contact President of BAR, Sharon Warner at 420-4075 or email Updates on the course may also be found on the Barbados Association of Reading???s Facebook page.

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