Sir John Gay Alleyne, founder of the Alleyne School in St. Andrew, will be the subject of discussion when the Board of Management of that school hosts a lecture next Thursday, April 26, in the West Wing of Parliament.

The lecture entitled: Sir John Gay Alleyne: Our Unsung Hero, will be delivered by The Right Reverend Monsignor Vincent Blackett, an alumnus of the Alleyne School and Vicar General of the St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, and starts at 7:00 p.m.

Coming just a few days before National Heroes Day and Sir John Gay’s birthday, April 28, the lecture will examine the heroism of a man who represented the parish of St. Andrew and was a Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Sir John Gay is also credited for having introduced the concept of Parliamentary Privilege that allows Parliamentarians the right to speak without being subjected to legal action.

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