Over 400 school children were immersed in the rich heritage of Africa today as the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development launched the ‘Let’s Celebrate Afrika’ presentations at The St. Michael School, Martindale’s Road,
 St. Michael.

As the first of six planned presentations to celebrate Black History Month, today’s event saw students engaging in a variety of activities to commemorate Africa, including the modeling of African clothing, dramatic and musical presentations.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Laurie King, pointed out that this month’s presentations would be of great benefit to school children.

“I am especially pleased that you, the young people of Barbados are the major players in this cultural presentation which showcases your talents in a variety of areas such as dance, drama, music, food, fashion, art and craft,” he said.

Mr. King added that the activities would also be an important learning experience for students. “I am confident that these presentations will complement the African Studies component of the curriculum which seeks to sensitise students from as early as the primary level, to the African contribution to world civilisation and more specifically, to our Barbadian culture,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Principal of the St. Michael School, Shelton Perkins, advised the students, representing 19 of the island’s schools, to use the opportunity to reflect on Africa.  “When you think of Africa, don’t only think of drums and dashikis, but think of pride, respect, and royalty, which all symbolize our African heritage,” he urged.

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