This island???s Education Minister, Ronald Jones has expressed the fear that persons generally are not enhancing their knowledge by utilising libraries across the country.

He emphasised this today during the presentation of furniture and equipment to the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic procured under the Government of Barbados (GOB)/Inter-American Development Bank???s (IDB) Skills For the Future (SFTF) Program.

Mr. Jones, who noted that even libraries operated by the National Library Service were experiencing low demand, said while it could be because of digital libraries, these too were not being adequately used.

He pointed out that this was evident with the major digital library, EBSCO, paid for by his Ministry and coordinated by the Higher Education Development Unit for tertiary level institutions such as the Barbados Community College and Erdiston Teacher???s Training College.

“When you go into a programme here at SJPP and you just simply stick with the knowledge provided with the instructor, lecturer or tutor??? that knowledge is now old??? It is patent knowledge. Greater knowledge comes with your interrogation of the information which is out there in wider space or in the books of the library,??? the Minister stressed.

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