Officers of the Animal Control Unit, the Environmental Health Division of the Ministry of Health, and the Hope Martin Foundation, will continue to spay, neuter and license dogs in St. Philip next week.

The programme will be conducted from Monday, November 16, to Friday, November 20, and will target Belair; Ruby Park; Union Park; Union Development; Jessamy Lane and Work Hall. It will run from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. daily.

Animal Control Officer, Curtis Thompson, is calling on residents to "come out and access the services" from the Hope Martin Spaying/Neutering Mobile Clinic working, the Animal Control Unit and Environmental Health Officers from the St. Philip Polyclinic. These include licensing; de-worming and inspection of premises where dogs are kept; flea/tick treatment and the clipping of nails.

They will also distribute educational pamphlets and dog food, provided by Roberts Manufacturing Co. Ltd., to dog owners.

Residents are urged to cooperate with the team who will be wearing appropriate identification and operating from a vacant lot on Tangerene Street, in St. Philip.?? They will also undertake house-to-house visits.

The following week, November 23 until November 27, the programme will be conducted at Brereton, and its immediate environs, with the team operating from the Brereton Playing Field.

From December 1 to 11, the team will move to license, spay and neuter dogs in Marchfield, Church Village; Church Village Housing Area; Carrington Tenantry and Edgecumbe.???? This will be done near Ren??e’s Bar at Church Village.

The Animal Control Centre has reminded the public that "it is an offence to have unlicensed dogs on their property; that dogs six months and over should be registered; dogs must be provided with adequate water, food and proper shelter; they should not be allowed to roam streets, lanes and other public pathways and that owners/handlers are responsible for ???scooping the poop’ when dogs defecate. Failure to adhere to these stipulations can result in owners/handlers being prosecuted."

Licensing of dogs takes place each day at venues across the island, including the Animal Control Centre at the Lazeretto Compound, Lower Black Rock, St. Michael; Six Roads Polyclinic, St. Philip; and the Maurice Byer Polyclinic, St. Peter.

For further information, dog owners may contact the Animal Control Unit at 425-5559.

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