Thanks to the National Conservation Commission (NCC), six persons from that agency’s lifeguard service along with two other persons from related organisations will soon benefit from a nine-day Leadership Instructor training programme.

Special Projects Officer at the NCC, Ricardo Marshall, explained that: "In keeping with the strategic plans of the Lifeguard Service, the programme forms part of an overall project to expose the lifeguards to training in order to maintain a high- level of proficiency that is aligned with international lifeguarding protocols."

Once completed, the certified candidates will be able to deliver leadership training in various communities in the areas of lifesaving; water safety; being water smart & swimming in and around the aquatic environment.

The Special Projects Officer added that "the lifeguard service is in the business of saving lives and as such these programmes represent a more proactive approach to lifesaving which once sustained, will translate into a decrease in drowning as a result of a higher level of awareness on the part of the populace."

Training will take place at the Folkestone Park& Marine Museum from Thursday, August 19 to Friday, August 27.?? It will be facilitated by Provincial Instructor & President of the Royal Lifesaving Society of Ontario, Patrick D’almandar.

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