Residential customers of the Barbados Light and Power who received vouchers for free LED screw bulbs under the Energy Efficient Lighting Distribution Facility (EEL) are asked to note that the period for redeeming these vouchers has been extended to month-end.
The Division of Energy which partnered with Caribbean LED Lighting to sponsor the initiative revealed that all the vouchers had been disseminated and were originally valid until June 13.

Customers who have received vouchers now have until June 30 to present the voucher along with their national identification card and their last electricity bill to either Caribbean LED Lighting at Lower Estate, St. George or any COURTS retail store. They will receive five LED screw bulbs free of cost.

The initiative forms part of the Division of Energy???s commitment to encouraging energy efficiency in households across Barbados. The project, which is part of the Energy Smart Fund Programme, is in collaboration with the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited.

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