Lion’s Caribbean Eye Care Centre (FP)

Work on the Lion’s Caribbean Eye Care Centre, which was closed some three years ago mainly due to air-quality issues, will wrap-up by year-end.

And, Health Minister, Donville Inniss is pleased that this will result in additional state-of-the-art ophthalmology services being offered to citizens.

He shared this news on Saturday with clinicians who gathered at Hilton Barbados to take part in the 4th Annual CSB (Corneal Services Barbados) Advanced Eye Care seminar on paediatric cornea illnesses and their diagnosis, treatment and management.

Following a press briefing on Friday at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), where the Clinic is located, Mr. Inniss noted that the necessary renovations to the building, particularly with respect to remedying the air-quality issues and the creation of operating theatres for ophthalmology, were in high gear.??

"I am happy to report that this year those theatres, all things being equal, will be in operation again, and we will have that Lion’s Eye Care Centre as a state-of-the-art ophthalmology services centre, catering not just to Barbadians but, I hope, the entire eastern Caribbean region…

"I have tasked the QEH management in the ophthalmology department in particular to think ???outside of the box’ to provide a business model that will ensure that that unit will become somewhat self-sustaining, especially as we market the services throughout the eastern Caribbean region," Mr. Inniss explained.

The refurbishment project will cost $13 million dollars, with monies provided under ??a loan agreement in addition to a European Development Fund which contributed $5 million dollars towards the creation of the cardiac suite on the first floor.

The Health Minister also said that the Ministry had recently approved a national eye care programme to commence this current financial year. It will allow for improved early diagnosis and treatment at the community-based level.?? He also made a call for more nurses to be trained in ophthalmology services and applauded Ophthalmologist, Dr. Nigel Barker for facilitating continuing education in this field. ????

??In conclusion, he applauded those in the QEH Opthalmology Department for, over the years, making a "deliberate effort" to improve the skills available within this area.??

"I believe at this juncture we have nearly all of the sub-specialties available within ophthalmology within the public system in Barbados…And, I want to thank those visionary leaders who have brought us to where we are today," he underlined.??


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