A Live Fire Gunnery exercise (GUNEX) will be conducted on Tuesday, September 7. (FP)

Fishermen and mariners are advised that the Barbados Coast Guard and the Barbados Regiment of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) will be conducting a Live Fire Gunnery exercise (GUNEX) on, Tuesday, September 7.

The exercise will be conducted between the coordinates 13 degrees 16’ North 059 degrees 43.25’ West and 13 degrees 18’ North 059 degrees 43.05’ West to 13 degrees 16’ North 059 degrees 44.38’ West and 13 degrees 18’ North 059 degrees 44.38’ West.

The right area limit is 315 degrees T; the right firing limit 300 degrees T; the left firing limit, 240 degrees T, and the left area limit, 225 degrees T.

Operators of all marine craft are advised to keep clear of the area, and take extreme care and caution while operating on the west and northwest coasts of the island on these dates.

The gunnery exercise is being conducted to familiarise, train and perfect the skill of personnel firing from an afloat platform, while improving the overall standard of marksmanship of Maritime Law Enforcement personnel.


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