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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has advised that permission has been granted for several livestock feed retailers to operate between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. during the period of national pause, which runs from February 3 to 17​. 

The list of livestock feed retailers is as follows:

​Customer NumberCustomer NameAddressParishNumber
AWAL001A WaldronMassiah StreetSt. John+1 (246)-423-4013
FABCHA001Fabian Chaplin (Cash)BelleplaineSt. Andrew+1 (246)-422-7708
FEEAGR001Feed & Agri MartSt. BarnabasSt. Michael+1 (246)-228-4324
KENCLA001Kenneth ClarkeBlades HillSt. Phillip+1 (246)-423-1929
LSMI001Leonard SmithMarket HillSt. George+1 (246)-437-9803
MARKIN001Marvel KingSix RoadsSt. Phillip+1 (246)-423-9494
OBLENT001Oblis Enterprises (Cash)March FieldSt. Phillip+1 (246)-236-3196
PGCOM001PG CommodityColes CoveSt. Phillip+1 (246)-261-9396
PROENT001Prosperity EnterpriseGoodlandSt. Michael+1 (246)-571-7899
PVWFAR001P V W FarmsGays St. PeterSt. Lucy+1 (246)-439-7325
REITRA001Reid Trading Ltd.Nelson StreetSt. Michael+1 (246)-436-4659
ROGFRA001Roger FrancisWestmorelandSt. James+1 (246)-422-0861
SKEINV001Skeete Investment Inc.Rock HallSt. Lucy+1 (246)-263-7411
WBFARM001WB FarmsAshfordSt. Thomas+1 (246)-438-6092
THEALL001Thelma Veneta AllenPilgrim RoadChrist Church+1 (246)-549-4477
PETALF001Peter AlfredGreen HillSt. Michael+1 (246)-834-8140
INRIC001Indrawattie RichieramShorey VillageSt. Andrew+1 (246)-571-4589
KEEGRE001Keesha GreavesApes HillSt. James+1 (246)-239-4823

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security

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