Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, examines one of the can of disinfectant spray donated to schools across the island??by McBride Caribbean Ltd. and Hanschell Inniss Ltd. Looking on is??Brand Developer at McBride Caribbean Ltd., Shelly Phillips.

In response to the increased incidence of flu-like symptoms in schools and to offset germs being spread during the flu season, one Barbadian company has decided to assist the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in keeping educational facilities germ free.

McBride Caribbean Ltd. and Hanschell Inniss Ltd., both part of the Goddard Group of companies, yesterday donated cases of disinfectant spray to the Ministry, which will be distributed to 30 primary and secondary schools across the island.

Brand Developer at McBride Caribbean Ltd. Shelly Phillips, noted that her company felt it was necessary to donate the disinfectant to the schools after several reports of flu-like symptoms.?? She pointed out that the disinfectant spray was designed not only to eliminate the flu virus, but to eradicate the bacteria which causes E. Coli, salmonella and gastroenteritis in less than 60 seconds.

Minister of Education, Ronald Jones, thanked the companies for the donation, noting that "the products will serve well, particularly now at the beginning of the flu season".

He lauded McBride Caribbean Ltd. on the alacrity with which they resumed operations after the recent fire at their factory and commended them for the development of the disinfectant spray.?? The Minister also urged them to continue to create products to be used locally, as well as for export.

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