The number of people in Barbados involved in recycling is on the increase.

This was stated today by Waste Management Co-ordinator with the Solid Waste Project Unit, Thora Lorde, who said work was being done to carry out a Knowledge Awareness & Practice survey to determine the number of people who were aware of the importance of recycling; their knowledge in terms of behavior; and the source of that knowledge.

She added that the terms of reference and consultants to execute the survey were now being considered in time for a planned March start.

"The number of people becoming involved in recycling is definitely increasing as more Barbadians are becoming involved, but we are yet to have conclusive figures," she said.

She added that recycling was a private sector driven initiative which saw new players entering the market, and existing ones expanding their product offerings in terms of what they did, and the variety of items they recycled.

However, despite increased awareness and interest in the field of recycling, Ms. Lorde said people were still throwing things from vehicle windows. She explained that items which attracted a return deposit fee such soda bottles would not, generally, be seen littering the streets.

"There are people who walk on the streets and collect such garbage and collect it in exchange for money," she pointed out.

Ms. Lorde noted one of the main aims of the fair was to get the message out that waste is now a resource and should not just be discarded.

One way they are hoping to accomplish this feat is through a new children’s activity book expected to be launched during the year. She added that originally children had a colouring book; however, the activity book would contain information such as what happens to garbage when it is collected and what happens at the Mangrove Pond Landfill.

And at least 2,000 people, up from last year’s 1,000, are expected to attend this year’s 4R’s fair, which is scheduled to come off at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre from 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 11.


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