Eric Hassell and Son Ltd., a shipping and stevedoring agent, celebrating 45 years of existence, has been described as ???a true??? and ???wonderful??? Barbadian company.

This recognition came last evening as Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, addressed a cocktail reception to mark the milestone, at Champers, Worthing, Christ Church.

Mr. Inniss pointed out that the company had achieved what many others failed to do ??? ???having it passed from one generation to the next???.

???I really think so much of that is missing today. If there is one thing that we really must celebrate about Eric Hassell is the fact that he had vision. He was able to bring his kids along and get his grandchildren in early, and that is really and truly something that is phenomenal,??? he said, identifying other family-owned businesses like Everson Elcock and Brancker???s, that had mastered this.

The company was also commended for helping to bring goods into Barbados, as well as ???keeping the Barbados flag flying???, an achievement the Small Business Development Minister acknowledged could not have been achieved without recognising the value of great service.

???The fact that you have customers today who have been with you for so many years speaks volume to the fact that you took service seriously. The fact that you have been able to go out there and move beyond the great bulk goods into containerised business, and along the way pick up international brands like Seaboard Marine, speaks volumes to a company that has been able to stay focused on its mission,??? the Minister stated.

Chairman of the Board of Eric Hassell and Son Ltd., Sir Trevor Hassell, maintained that financially strong and successful private sector companies were ???critically needed engines and instruments for the creation of a better Barbados???.

He assured the Minister and other well-wishers that his company would continue to play its part in maritime matters, as the name Hassell had been synonymous with shipping in the region for more than a century.

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