Investor Paul Altman??shows Tourism Minister Richard Sealy an artist’s impression of Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.????????

A Government Minister has given the thumbs up to a market where local vendors will be able to ply their trade as part of the US$50 million Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown, St. James,

Tourism Minister, Richard Sealy,?? gave his approval after a tour of the Centre last Friday, noting that he was "happy to see the marketplace where our vendors can also come to the table and enjoy some of the benefits of this project".

Investor Paul Altman, in explaining the genesis of the market, said that it was felt that to give Limegrove "a true character feeling", an invitation needed to be extended to local vendors as well.

??"We are creating a little area which is a vendors’ market, so that when people drive in or when they leave, they will be able to stop and buy fruits, vegetables, and those kind of things," he stated.??

??Investor, Paul Altman, (at left) listens attentively as Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy makes a point, during??a tour of the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre.??

Commenting on the overall project, the Tourism Minister said that it would be a major boost for, and would become the signature piece of Holetown. "I believe that the developers should be saluted for this effort. After the construction of the Speightstown Mall it transformed Speightstown, so clearly, a similar thing will happen here in Holetown," he opined.

Mr. Sealy also lauded the development for its appeal to both visitors and locals. "It has attracted a number of top brands and that is good for the destination. Barbados itself is considered a top brand, so to be developing a symbiosis with Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, etc, can only help us as a destination. So there are many win/win scenarios from this project," he stressed.

The Centre, which is expected to be officially opened by year end, is expected to have some 100 commercial operators, and will include boutiques, restaurants, an art gallery, a cocktail lounge, a cinema, a fitness centre and a medical centre.??

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