Barbados is one of six countries selected to participate in a climate change project, entitled: Piloting Climate Change Adaptation to Protect Human Health.

It is sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme, the World Health Organisation/Pan American Health Organisation and the Global Environmental Fund (GEF).

The aim is to increase the level of public awareness to climate change issues in a Barbadian context. To this end, the Ministry of Health will be launching a competition for the design of a logo which will be used to promote the project.?? As a result, members of the general public are being invited to participate in the competition, and entries should reflect the goals and objectives of the GEF project. The winner will receive a BDS $1,500 prize.

Overall, the objective is to increase the adaptive capacity of the national health system institutions, including field practitioners, and to respond to and manage long-term and climate-sensitive health risks.

Within the Barbados context, it has been identified that within the climate change arena, the public’s awareness of water scarcity and water quality, as well as climate-sensitive health risks such as vector borne diseases, are key concerns.

There are four outcomes associated with the project: Developing an early warning and response system with timely information on likely incidence of climate-sensitive health risks; improved capacity of health sector institutions to respond to climate-sensitive health risks based on early warning information; disease prevention measures piloted in areas of heightened health risks due to climate change; and co-operation among participating countries to promote innovation in adaptation to climate change including variability. ??

Designs should demonstrate an understanding of the competition’s theme. Entries will be judged on originality, execution – robustness and integrity, colour and use of typography. All work submitted must be original; the logo must consist of both image and text and must be reproduced in full colour as well as in black and white format.

In addition, it must be applicable to a variety of media such as a letterhead, business card, campaign promotions, screen format (Internet, Television, CD-ROM), textiles (flag, tees, caps etc.) and other paraphernalia.

Each submission must be printed and mounted on 8.5". x 11" paper (letter size) with a brief rationale attached, (no more than 150 words), with the entrant’s name, address, telephone numbers and email address.?? Entries, in a sealed envelope, should be addressed to: The Ministry of Health, 3 rd. Floor, Frank Walcott Building, Culloden Road, St. Michael – Attention: ???Logo Competition’, Project Manager, Climate Change. The closing date for all submissions is April 11, 2012.

For further information or queries, kindly contact Mr. Winfred Greaves at or Tel. 467-9363/67.

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