A "U" turn facility has gone into operation on the Ronald Mapp Highway, north of the entrance to Clermont, St. James, and just opposite the Simpson Motors’ North Showroom.

Project Manager of the Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project (the ABC Highway Expansion), Dave Scantlebury, explained that motorists travelling north on the Ronald Mapp Highway would be allowed to make a "U" turn at the "lollipop" or continue travelling in a northerly direction.

He further noted that motorists making the "U" turn must give way to traffic travelling in a southerly direction on the Ronald Mapp Highway. "This means that motorists travelling south do not have to yield to those making the "U" turn, but they must, however, proceed with caution in the area where the "lollipop" is located.?? Alternatively, drivers making the "U" turn should do so with extreme caution," ??????????????????????Mr. Scantlebury stated.

He said this protected "U" turn measure was a temporary arrangement until the Ministry constructed a roundabout at the junction of the Ronald Mapp Highway and Welches.

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