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Barbadians have been encouraged to consider a career in seamanship.

The call was made recently by Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, during his address at a graduation ceremony for participants of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic’s (SJPP) Basic Seamanship course, held at The Cliff Beach Club in St. James.

Mr. Sealy told his audience that Barbados was missing out on very real career opportunities in seamanship, and urged more Barbadians to “look to what the ocean has to offer”.

According to the Minister, in the past, at least one member of every family would be a seaman. He praised the SJPP for including the seamanship course on its list of offerings, as it was important for persons to be familiar with the various requirements of the field.

“If we continue to push this programme, we can see the very real opportunities for rewarding careers,” he maintained.

Mr. Sealy wished the graduates well, and remarked that it was ‘extremely positive” to see their interest in seamanship. He also encouraged the students to ‘stay current’ in their certification as that was also a necessity.

Thirty-three persons graduated from the eight-day seamanship course. Adrian Lorde of the SJPP was awarded most outstanding student of Maritime Studies.


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