There???s a lot in store for this year???s Season of Emancipation.

Acting Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, Ronald Jones, highlighted this while speaking at the National Heroes Day Concert and official launch for the Season of Emancipation in Independence Square, The City.

On May 25, African Liberation Day, the Ministry, through the Commission of Pan African Affairs will be hosting the Mabalozi Conference and Shell Ceremony, which the Minister noted ???focuses on the afro-centric education of young people???.

Mr. Jones added that there will be a Folk Concert on July 24, to celebrate the Day of National Significance, which falls on July 26 and commemorates the disturbances of 1937.

The Acting Minister of Culture also noted that as 2015 marks the beginning of the ???Decade for Persons of African Descent???, as declared by the United Nations, the Ministry would be meeting with the various Pan African groups ???to work on a strategic plan which will guide the decade in Barbados???.

He said the decade would be ???officially launched on August 17, 2015 ??? Marcus Garvey Day???. The Minister also made mention of Emancipation Day, which will be celebrated on August 1, with the annual Emancipation Day Walk, commencing at the Emancipation Statue in Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, and ending at Spring Garden Highway.

The Season of Emancipation will come to an end on August 23, which is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. Mr. Jones said that on the day, the Ministry would be introducing the Bridgetown Debates, a series of debates on topical issues pertaining to our culture and identity.

Further information on the events planned for the Season of Emancipation may be obtained by calling the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth at 621-2700.

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