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  • Persons who have COVID-19 are expected to isolate and therefore not be at work.

  • Primary contacts (persons who have become exposed to a case) can go to work as long as they have had a negative Rapid Antigen Test result on becoming aware of their exposure.
    • If the primary contact becomes ill they should seek immediate medical attention.

  • Once the primary contact remains well, they should then follow up with a PCR test after three days from the date of exposure to confirm that they did not acquire COVID.

  • Routine closures and industrial cleaning are no longer required if a person at a workplace tested positive.

  • Managers should follow the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ guidelines on cleaning in a COVID environment.

  • Contact Public Health officials at the Polyclinic for further guidance if required.

  • Enhanced protocols including hand washing and sanitizing, physical distancing, masking and ensuring adequate ventilation are recommended to reduce the risk of spread of COVID in the Workplace.

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Ministry of Health and Wellness

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