Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is making a case for the implementation of innovative management systems to reduce the frustration associated with doing business or sourcing information.

In a recent address at the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc’s Gala Dinner, at Hilton Barbados, he noted that systems, created by management and administrative entrepreneurs, would address the concerns of business persons and the general public, whose activities had been impeded as a result of a disconnect between public service methods and private sector objectives.

Stressing that the need for a better understanding of the activities among these sectors could not be overstated, the Prime Minister lamented a prevailing situation where members of the private sector had expressed dissatisfaction with the service they had received while conducting business with Government.

Given this situation, the Prime Minister suggested that "public service methods and private sector objectives be more consciously harmonised".

He further stated: "We need, as I see it, managerial and administrative entrepreneurs who can create innovative systems and reduce the frustration that business entrepreneurs and ordinary people encounter in Barbados, when seeking basic information and routine services."

In light of this, Mr. Stuart alluded to the role which the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc. could play in meeting this objective. "Your philosophy is not inconsistent with that of the Government, and your goals are basically the same. You bring to the table a commitment to releasing the creativity [and] the pulling power of the Barbados brand and connectivity to a global network."

He praised the Foundation for formulating five pillars of support in wealth creation. These are government policy; access to finance; education and skills; business facilitation; mentorship and networking.

The Prime Minister pledged to assist the organisation "wherever possible in fortifying those pillars".

Mr. Stuart also outlined some of Government’s initiatives to guide the future development of the business sector, such as the creation of a comprehensive Industrial Policy and the establishment of an Industrial Development Commission that would advise the Ministry of Commerce.

He also spoke about the overhaul of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation which would assist the agency in effectively executing its special technical assistance, incubator and mentorship programmes.??

Regarding improvements to the island’s technology platform, Mr. Stuart disclosed plans to introduce a Data Protection Act and the National Information and Communication Technologies Strategic Plan of Barbados 2010-2015.

The Prime Minister also announced that Government ??had signed a loan contract earlier this year with the Inter-American Development Bank to initiate the Barbados Competitiveness Programme.??

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