This island’s manufacturing sector is beginning to show some very positive signs and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is optimistic that the improvement will continue.

He expressed this view over the weekend when he toured BMEX 2015 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Mr. Stuart said manufacturing had not been contributing as much as it previously did to the gross domestic product of the island, and stressed that Government was trying to get that sector, as well as agriculture, back on track.

He continued: ???I know we used to have a very vibrant manufacturing sector in days of yore. It passed through some difficult challenges, but it is evident to me that we are on the way back.

???I see old things being done in new ways, I see new things being done in old ways, and I see new things being done in new ways; all indicative of the commitment to innovation and creativity which are designed to get us into a position of competitiveness so far as our manufacturing sector is concerned.???

Mr. Stuart added that the education which had been placed at the disposal of Barbadians, as well as Government’s advocacy of innovation, had been paying off, and said he was very impressed with the exhibits on display.

He pointed out that there was a new emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation in the country, especially in the education system. ???When I set up the Ministry of Innovation, it was this I had in mind, that people would understand the importance of doing things in new ways, and I think it is evident that that message is catching on,??? he stated.

The Prime Minister noted that the manufacturers were very proud of their work and were committed to ensuring that they could be ranked with the best across the Caribbean and this hemisphere.

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