Prime Minister David Thompson (centre) being given a description of the Port Ferdinand Marina Development project, at Six Men???s, St. Peter by developers, Philip Tempro of JADA Builders (left) and Chairman of Port Ferdinand SRL Bjorn Bjerkham.??

Port Ferdinand has been described as a project which is helping to put Barbados??? marine resources to good use. And Prime Minister David Thompson is pleased with this development.

He expressed this view last week, shortly before he turned the sod to mark construction of the marina at Six Men???s, St. Peter.

???Barbados has more marine space and related resources than land. As the population increases and as life improves, Barbadians will need more breathing space than the 105,000 acres,??? he declared.

However, Mr. Thompson noted, ???in doing so we have to balance the conflicting demands on our limited space. Seafront developments have to face additional challenges related to the windows to the sea???.

Furthermore, he cautioned that rising sea levels also posed a significant threat and could ???simply wipe us out.???

Mr. Thompson indicated that this was a serious problem for the island, since tourism was a major foreign exchange earner. He maintained: ???No development in Barbados would, therefore, be allowed without taking into consideration its likely impact on our fragile marine resources.???


Chairman of Port Ferdinand SRL, Bjorn Bjerkham, said major rehabilitation work would be done to the seashore, to stabilise and enhance it and a lift bridge installed on the highway.

The construction of the marina will be performed by local company, JADA Builders. clashley@barbados.gov.bb

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