Press briefing by Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Lisa Cummins – April 10, 2021. (PMO)

With the atmosphere here expected to remain dry and thick with dust haze, the Barbados Meteorological Services is reminding the island’s mariners and fishermen not to venture out to sea.

The appeal came early this evening as Acting Director of the Barbados Meteorological Services, Sabu Best, addressed a press conference chaired by Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Lisa Cummins, at Ilaro Court.

While pointing out this message was particularly for those on the West Coast, where the impact of La Soufriere Volcano has significantly lessened visibility, Mr. Best said: “We are actually advising and warning marine goers, fishermen: ‘stay in port; do not venture out’.  The visibility is actually worse if you go westward, away from the island towards St. Vincent….  

“And these plumes [are] coming real quick from the west and they can drop the visibility even more, so for those who actually use the land marks as a guide to get home, that could become a problem during these outbreaks as they come through.”

Meanwhile, with no way to predict when the event would end, Mr. Best said that in checking the forecast for winds for the next few days, there was not going to be much significant change in terms of the wind direction or speed.

“There were a lot of questions I know about how long is this going to keep going? We can only speak from a meteorologist’s perspective, and like I indicated, the wind pattern is there for it. So once it keeps going, it’s going to just keep coming… and we don’t expect it to just cool off and stop just like that, not from the tremors that have been reported still going on, so there’s still a lot going in the volcano, and there’s still a lot more to come for today and tonight,” he stated.

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