Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Lennox Chandler (third left), is seen here with some of the awardees. From left: Joel Clarke received a 25-year award; Dorcas Arthur-Williams, 10-year award; Joan Robinson was awarded in the 12-15 years of service category; Ida Forde, 20 years; Marvin Seales, 10 years; and Horace Sargeant, 10 years. (C. Pitt/BGIS)

Management of public sector organisations and departments have been urged to "promote a culture of recognition and appreciation" for workers.

This suggestion has come from Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management, Lennox Chandler, as he delivered the feature address at the awards ceremony of the Markets Division last Sunday night at the L.V. Harcourt Lewis Auditorium.?? Approximately 60 workers were presented with long service awards ranging from 10 to 25 years.

Joel Clarke received a 25-year award, while Cherly Gordon and Ida Forde were recognised for 20 years of service.

Mr. Chandler, who added that the public service had "failed" to reward those officers who consistently did a good job and went beyond the call of duty, lauded management of the division for hosting the awards, now in its third year.

"As managers and leaders of organisations, not only in the public service but the private sector as well, we should endeavour to promote this culture of recognition and appreciation of our staff.?? Waiting until a person has retired or died to say ???thank you’ for a job well done is not good enough.?? It should take place throughout a person’s working life.

"This recognition will not only serve as a motivating factor for the individual who has done a good job to do better, but it can serve as a motivator for those who are not doing as well as they should; it will encourage them to improve their performance so that next time around they, too, will be stepping up to the podium to receive their award," the Deputy Permanent Secretary reasoned.

He acknowledged that the Markets Division performed a crucial role when it came to local trade, pointing out that staff was responsible for regulating and supervising a number of areas.

Mr. Chandler said that under the Market and Slaughter House Act 1958, the division was required "inter alia" to establish and manage public and fish markets; regulate street vending; manage fishing harbours; and advise the Minister of Agriculture on matters relating to the establishment of public and fish markets.

The execution and management of the above mandate, he noted, required a cadre of trained and dedicated staff.

"I wish to suggest that that is exactly the calibre of staff we have managing and working in the public and fish markets of Barbados," Mr. Chandler said.


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