One of this country’s finest educators, Marva Kirton, has been lauded for her years of dedication to the teaching profession. The accolades were made at a retirement dinner in her honour at the Savannah Hotel last Saturday.

The youthful looking St. Mary’s School teacher, who contributed 41 years to the teaching institution, was feted in style by colleagues, friends and well wishers, including Minister of Education, Ronald Jones.

In his remarks, Minister Jones, recalled her tenure at the Christ Church Boys’ School (now Milton Lynch Primary) and her myriad accomplishments, including the active role she played in reviving the Cub Scouts movement there and her work as information technology coordinator at St. Mary’s School.????

"Marva is truly an amazing lady and after spending 41 years in education, I think she’s worthy of our praise, [and] she’s worthy of our support…it is truly challenging to be in education, yet we get small and quiet rewards every time we see our children respond positively, we feel that sense of pride….," the Minister said.??

One of the highlights of the evening was a tribute in song from the St. Mary’s School choir entitled ???Carry Your Candle’.

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