Mathematics is life and young people who are very familiar with technology must know that everything related to the use of technology is related to Mathematics.

This was the message relayed by Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Senator Harry Husbands, to students who participated in the ConquerMaths pilot project, which closed with an awards ceremony today at St. Leonard???s Boys??? Secondary School, Richmond Gap, St. Michael.

Recalling his own experience with Mathematics, which he described as ???horrifying???, Senator Husband said he had wasted time avoiding Mathematics only to discover years later at university, that it was a requirement of his degree programme, forcing him to invest in lessons.

Students were told they would not achieve very high standards and a very high quality of life without ???the most basic understanding of things Mathematical???.

???Maths is life. Every aspect of your life as we go forward from here will be related to Mathematics in one form or another???Life for you students will not be easy and my advice is to make adequate use of the opportunity that you have now, so as to avoid the challenges and indignity that people of my generation and people who wasted time at secondary school had to go through eventually, in order to make a success of their lives,??? Mr. Husbands stressed, as he gave his own personal testimony.

Parents heard that the Ministry had provided various techniques, facilities and teaching aids, like ConquerMaths Caribbean, to assist schools and Mr. Husbands pointed out that quality technology was currently being utilised at this year???s Summer School Primary to help students who deferred taking the Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination (BSSEE) further their foundation in Mathematics.

ConquerMaths Caribbean was commended and the Parliamentary Secretary assured those gathered that the Ministry would continue to invest in such initiatives ???to help the students get a greater understanding and grasp of essential mathematics concepts???.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of ConquerMaths Caribbean, Winston Cumberbatch, in giving a report, highlighted the successes of children in the pilot and comments made by both the students and teachers.

He noted, among other things, that in many instances, ConquerMaths was described by students as ???fun???, ???easy???, its videos insightful and tutorials easily understood by both the ???slow??? and ???fast???.

He highlighted the call by some for more examples and some of the past work to be integrated into the new work??? and he gave the commitment that this would be addressed.The pilot project was executed in collaboration with ConquerMaths Caribbean and was conducted during the academic year 2013-2014 at 12 schools.

Today???s ceremony saw 22 students who scored a perfect 100 in Mathematics in the BSSEE being awarded alongside others who participated in the ConquerMaths pilot project.

Young Louis Wilson from the People???s Cathedral Primary School was recognised for achieving 41 Platinum, the highest certificate for ConquerMaths, while Kerra Joseph-Gardener of Half Moon Fort Primary School received a special award from Fitjitsu as a top student in the programme.

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