May Day is a public holiday with meaning that highlights the importance of this nation???s human resource.

This was pointed out by Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, as she officially launched the start of May Day celebrations 2014, at Solidarity House.

???May Day, therefore, should not be perceived as just a workers??? holiday??? because of what workers have accomplished, [and] because of what the labour movement has accomplished for workers,??? countries have developed, Barbados has developed,??? the Minister said, adding that this contribution was gleaned from all workers, whether in the fields, factories and offices.

Noting that the day was on par with Independence Day, Senator Byer Suckoo observed that it drew the nation???s attention to national human resources.??

???Our only gems are our people; but when we speak of a resource, it seems that we speak more about investing in that resource – health care, education, social security, [and] social services ??? but a resource is not just something that we invest in – a resource is a source of supply or support that can be drawn upon when needed,??? the Labour Minister said.

The need for innovative job creation was also outlined by Minister Byer Suckoo, who observed that Government listened to young people, and encouraged them to see how they could develop their ideas, so as to move from government being seen as the main source of employment, to having people creating jobs with government offering assistance where possible.

She added that those pursuing education should be mindful that it was an investment that should be guided by the needs of industries or to create a niche that would lead to the creation of new industries and employment.

???Their education and training could be centred on what skills they are going to bring to Barbados,??? she offered, adding that ??????too often the discussion that we have with our young people when they say ???I want to do that???, we say ???where are you going to work in Barbados [with that skill]????…we have to change that conversation.???

With the Ministry of Labour???s Human Resource Development Strategy dedicated to bringing synergy between business needs and human resource availability, Dr. Byer Suckoo said that efforts would continue to create a country that was balanced and beneficial for all.

???I believe that a new Barbados will have to emerge out of the ashes of this recession; and this new Barbados will have to be one where there???s space for all persons to participate and contribute, in a socially balanced Barbados,??? she said.

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