Locally produced poultry meat and eggs are safe to eat.

This assurance was given today by the Veterinary Services Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The department has been working closely with poultry producers to ensure that the levels of salmonella in meat and eggs are kept to a minimum and to explore new ways to reduce its presence in raw meat and eggs.

As part of its ongoing food safety programme, over the past year, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Services’ epidemiologist and Veterinary Services Laboratory have been conducting surveillance on local poultry products and poultry farms to determine the prevalence of salmonellosis in poultry meat and eggs.?? Findings to date indicate that the levels of salmonella in poultry and eggs are similar to those found internationally.?? However, it has been recommended that all raw products should always be handled correctly and cooked thoroughly.

Author: Veterinary Services Unit, Ministry of Agriculture

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