The Ministry of Education’s Schools’ Positive Behaviour Management Programme (SPBMP), currently being rolled out in schools across the island, is about to be rebranded and marketed for easier understanding and acceptance by its stakeholders.

To this end, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development will host a press briefing next Wednesday, March 23, to outline changes and identify the corporate sponsors on board the programme.

The briefing takes place in the Ministry’s Conference Room, Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael, from 10:00 a.m. and will be addressed by the Acting Chief Education Officer, Laurie King.

The SPBMP is guided by the three basic principles of ???child centredness’, ???democratic participation’ and ???inclusiveness (equity)’. In a Positive Behaviour Management classroom, the teacher is mentor, the facilitator of learning and the coordinator of learning activities. Creativity, openness, flexibility, tolerance, good leadership and organisational skills become the avenues through which effective learning and teaching is maintained.

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