The Gymnasium Limited is a wholly Government-owned limited liability company operating under the Companies Act, Cap. 308, whose primary responsibility is to operate efficiently in its core business; to improve its synergies with relevant organisations; and to be self-sustaining.

After recording several years of very poor work performances and significant failure in the financial fortunes of the organisation, the Board of Directors in 2011 commissioned a study to diagnose and analyse the circumstances leading to such results. Together with the report and recommendations of this study, the current Board undertook a strategic planning exercise aimed at establishing the Gymnasium as a self-sustaining, world-class venue and hub in the Caribbean, attracting major international and regional sporting and entertainment activities.

It was evident from the organisational analysis completed that this re-positioning requires a multi-disciplinary, goal-oriented and results-driven management team, which did not exist at the Company.

In order to effect the much needed significant change in the Gymnasium???s modus operandi, the Board met with staff, shared statements of strategic purpose and direction and sought their collective commitment to realising the corporate vision and mission of the Gymnasium.

In furthering its efforts to reform the organisation to allow for greater accountability, inspirational leadership and improved efficiencies in the execution of operational plans, the news of restructuring was announced by Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, the Hon. Stephen Lashley, at a press conference held on October 29, 2013 at his Haggatt Hall office.

In his announcement, the Minister spoke of the separation of the General Manager from the Company and indicated that other changes were being considered at the management and administration levels. This current phase of the review has therefore resulted in the redundancy of the positions of Marketing Manager and Receptionist, effective November 6, 2013. The Board is satisfied that its actions were in concert with the legislation governing the employment relationship of the affected employees.

The company will engage a suitably qualified individual to lead the organisation as its Chief Executive Officer, with duties inclusive of the critically important marketing strategies.

The Board is confident that the review and restructuring being undertaken will result in greater staff satisfaction, enhance the profile of Gymnasium Ltd. and facilitate the realisation of the organisation’s full potential.

This process of organisational development is being carried out under expert supervision, with the necessary care and application of ???best practice??? in human resource management and employment relationships.

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