Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, receiving a progress report today from??Dr. Joana Godinho, Senior Health Specialist – Human Development of the??the World Bank (first left). Also at the meeting was Professor at??the University of San Diego, Dr. Thomas Novotny (second left’, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); Dr. Aristides of CDC-Brazil (third left’, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0);??Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Irvine Best (first right’, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); Director of the??National HIV/AIDS Commission, Jacqueline Wiltshire Gay (second right) and Project Officer – World Bank Project??at the HIV Commission/AIDS Commission, Rhonda Greenidge (third right).

Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, has been given an update on the local plan for HIV prevention and control.

She received the progress report, today during a courtesy call by three members of the HIV/AIDS World Bank Mission and Director of the National HIV/AIDS Commission, Jacqueline Wiltshire Gay. The meeting was held at the Ministry’s Constitution Road Headquarters.

Senior Health Specialist at the World Bank, Dr. Joana Godinho, professor at the University of San Diego, Dr. Thomas Novotny, and Dr. Aristides Barbosa of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Brazil, briefed the Minister on local accomplishments and outlined the three areas that required greater focus.

These included: the need for Barbados to finalise a testing policy, a plan for surveillance of groups at risk, and the creation of prevention efforts.

Dr. Godinho urged Government to proceed quickly on related legislative matters, and gave a review of national programme coordination and monitoring, as well as technical assistance plans to assist the Commission and its partners with the implementation of the National Strategic Plan.

Mrs. Wiltshire Gay informed the Minister that the Commission was in the process of creating a comprehensive communication strategy to coordinate the messages of its partners, and was working closely with the Ministry of Health.

In 2008, the World Bank approved a loan to support the implementation of Barbados’ 2008-2013 National Strategic Plan for HIV Prevention and Control.????

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