Take responsibility for your health!

This advice has come from Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Division of Family and Culture, Andrew Gittens, who said too many men were falling victim to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which were due mostly to their diet and lifestyle.

While addressing the Bureau of Gender Affairs’ Men’s Health Fair over the weekend in Jubilee Gardens, Mr. Gittens stated: "In order to reduce the incidence of the non-communicable diseases, as well as to reduce the rate of infection of the HIV virus, we need to recognise the value of preventative health practices. Early screening and diagnosis can save lives, remember the old adage prevention is better than cure."

He noted that men were generally reluctant to seek medical attention and often had to be encouraged to do so by their partners.
"Even in the face of obvious symptoms, too many men are still not willing to seek the necessary attention, oft-times to their own detriment.

"It is for this reason that this Fair is both timely and relevant as we seek to provide information to help you in making the right choices," he told the gathering.

Mr. Gittens emphasised that good health was dependant on the choices made. He encouraged men to have regular health checks so as to slow down or prevent the deterioration of their health. He stressed that regular exercise could improve a person’s health and urged men to find time in their busy schedules to include it in their daily lives.

The Fair was hosted by the Bureau and the Caribbean HIV and AIDS Alliance and a number of health services were provided during the day.


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