The Ministry of Health’s National Mental Health Commission will continue its thrust to ensure persons have a better understanding of mental health issues next week, when its hosts another one-day workshop on this topic.

The meeting, which is part of its Mental Health 101 series, will be held next Wednesday, June 27, at the offices of the Pan American Health Organisation, Dayrells Road, Christ Church, starting at 8:30 a.m.

Participants are expected to include representatives of the Media, Labour Unions and the Hotel and Construction sectors.

The first session will focus on Good Mental Health where participants are expected to explore models of good mental health by looking at the core facets of life that impact mood, cognition and physical health.?? This session will also seek to assess contemporary stressors and ways of mitigating them, as well as the impact of family, employment and society on a person’s psyche.

Another session is expected to focus on Psychopathology, and will take a basic look at some of the issues related to impaired mental health.?? It will cover the chronic, developmental and occasional illnesses, and some current treatment modalities.

Participants will also be informed of the Legal Aspects of Mental Health.?? That topic will cover areas such as the rights of the individual, admission and discharge procedures, patient participation in treatment, and court involvement in mental health issues.

Community Involvement in Mental Health is another area scheduled to be discussed, and during these sessions participants will be given to information on: The role of the Community Mental Health Professionals, the Polyclinics, the Police and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Other areas to be covered include Issues of Advocacy and Social Care.?? Participants will be exposed to the realities of persons living with various forms of mental disabilities. They will learn about the social service needs, the services available, and how these can be accessed.

At the end of the workshop participants will have an interactive session aimed at identifying their roles as Mental Health Champions in their respective communities.??

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