The middle-income segment of the population will not be left out of the Housing Every Last Person (HELP) Programme.

This assurance has come from Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, who was speaking during a recent interview with the BGIS.

“The Government’s broad vision is to provide quality and affordable housing for all Barbadians… both income groups, lower and middle-income. We have looked at lands in Husbands in St. James and there is land at Fairy Valley in Christ Church that would be available for middle-income earners. We are also looking at the construction of town houses as another alternative to assist the middle-income groups,” the Minister said.

Mr. Lashley also disclosed that his Ministry would be pursuing infill housing to utilise a number of vacant lots found throughout the National Housing Corporation estates. 

Infill housing is the insertion of additional homes into an already approved subdivision or neighbourhood. These can be in the form of additional units, built on the same lot, by dividing existing homes into multiple units, or by creating new residential lots by further subdivision or lot line adjustments.

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