It may have been dubbed a ???mini Kadooment???, but today residents and staff of the St. Michael District Hospital had a fun-filled day, full of both revelry and rivalry.

The old and ???not so old??? transformed the grounds of the Beckles Road institution into a parade route where they danced to infectious rhythms. Those who could not walk the route were pushed in wheelchairs as five bands – The Masqueraders; De Kitchen on Fire; Bajan Characters; Good Mental Health Key to Good Living; and The Steppers paraded before a panel of judges which included veteran designers Betty West and Gwyneth Squires.

The bands comprised those who attend the hospital???s Day Care, members of the dietary and housekeeping staff, residents and nurses from Unit Two of the St. Michael District Hospital in addition to visiting patients and staff from the Psychiatric Hospital.

Prizes were awarded in a number of categories including: Best Characters, which went to Kimberly Corbin for portraying King Dyal and Sonia Corbin for her impersonation of Mother Sally. Best Flag Person was awarded to Melissa Jackman, while Most Colourful Band and Best Band were copped by De Kitchen On Fire.

The Most Impactful Band went to Unit Two, while The Most Energetic Person was Juliette Caddle of the hospital???s Housekeeping Department. The Best Flag Person was won by Laval Husbands.

The mini Kadooment, now in its fifth year, concluded a week of activities held by the hospital to celebrate Senior Citizens??? Month.

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