Minister of Home Affairs, Information and Public Affairs, Wilfred Abrahams receives a token from INTERPOL’s, Executive Director of Police Services, Stephen Kavanagh (BGIS/C.Pitt)

The soon-to-be established INTERPOL Caribbean Liaison Office in Barbados is being welcomed by local security and border control forces, as they continue the fight against crime.

And, representatives from agencies such as the Barbados Prison Service, the Barbados Immigration Department and the Barbados Postal Service have all signaled their willingness to work with the agency to tighten security measures in their respective areas.

Minister of Home Affairs, Information and Public Affairs, Wilfred Abrahams, in welcoming the establishment of the Caribbean Liaison Office, noted that he wanted the collaboration between Barbados and INTERPOL to send the message to those who tried to circumvent the law, that they would more likely be caught now.

“I look forward to the close collaboration between the Government of Barbados and INTERPOL, because it shows the level of commitment and what we are all about,” he said.

The Minister was at the time speaking during a courtesy call with INTERPOL’s Executive Director of Police Services, Stephen Kavanagh; Technical Advisor of the INTERPOL General Secretariat, John Duncan; Executive Director of CARICOM IMPACS; Lieutenant Colonel Michael Jones, and acting Director of CARICOM IMPACS, Tonya Ayow.

Deputy Permanent Secretary, Lorna Leacock and members of the local security and border control forces were also present for the meeting which was held at the Ministry’s Wildey, St. Michael office, yesterday.

He added that the process must be seen as policing in all its forms, including intelligence gathering, stopping crime, and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Mr. Abrahams also noted that he was excited about the potential benefits the collaboration would bring not just for Barbados, but the departments that fell under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Minister also underscored the need to have proper monitoring systems in place and the right technology.

Mr. Kavanagh also noted public safety was about making the connection between colleagues and information, and urged Barbados to take advantage of the global network.

Lieutenant Colonel Jones supported the Minister, noting that more could be accomplished with Barbados and INTERPOL. He noted that there was a wealth of information between the various agencies represented, and urged those present to use the available resources.

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