Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley

Students must remain focused and never give up on their dreams.

These were the words of advice from Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, as he addressed the Garrison Secondary School’s Graduating Class of 2008, under the theme, ‘If I believe it, I can achieve it’, held recently at Hilton Barbados.

In his address, Mr. Lashley said it was the words of encouragement from a former teacher Ms. Esther Phillips that made a lasting impression and inspired him to focus on becoming a lawyer.

Mr. Lashley implored the graduands not to let the uncertainties of the future be a hindrance to their self development. “There are some of you who will graduate and be uncertain about where you are going and about your career. Do as I did, and think of that one instance where someone had a profound impact on your life and make that your turning point.”

The Minister also stressed that they must embrace life, even with all of its pitfalls. “Some of you may graduate without certificates, but that is no excuse to continue along that path of non-achievement. Look at your strengths and your weaknesses, improve on your weaknesses and consolidate your areas of strengths.”

Mr. Lashley also gave a list of old scholars who had achieved success including Magistrates Ian Weekes, Douglas Fredericks, Attorneys-at-law Vincent Watson, Junior Allsop and Cynthia Pinder and in the House of Assembly Chris Sinckler, Minister of Foreign Affairs and himself.

He urged the students to see them as testimonies of what the Garrison School could achieve. Mr. Lashley further encouraged the graduands to continue to work hard and not rest on their laurels.

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