Undefeated champions from the City of Bridgetown celebrate their 1-0 win in the finals of the David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic. Also seen are Prime Minister??Freundel Stuart holding the winning trophy, MP for the City, Patrick Todd, and Monsignor Vincent Harcourt Blackett. (C.Pitt/BGIS)??

When Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, expressed the sentiment that defending champions from The City "truly were worthy of being Champions" in the 2011 David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic, little did he know that they would remain the undefeated champions.

The City footballers retained their title after a 1-0 win against the Christ Church West Central team, during the finals of the tournament which took place at Kensington Oval last night. The winning goal was scored by Enrico Cave.

Prior to their win, Minister Blackett lauded the team for its efforts and congratulated the members on winning all of their matches throughout the tournament.

He also applauded all the teams that participated, and called the participants "shining examples of what we can do as a nation when we decide to embark on a project that builds on our natural skills and talents".

"From the opening parade where teams stood in the rain without wavering, through to the semi-final games, this tournament, as was last year’s, was without serious incident among players.?? I saw discipline and honour from these young men and women and I am even more convinced that the future of Barbados is in good hands," the Social Care Minister asserted, adding that the tournament has shown that there can be interaction and opposition without violence.

Alluding to the community aspect of the initiative, Minster Blackett said: "Football has a magical way of reaching into communities and bringing people together in ways that no one else or nothing else, can do… There is a natural marriage between community-based football and community development.?? "

The Minister pointed out that his Ministry’s relationship with the communities would continue and programmes would be developed to assist in the empowerment of the young men who participated in the tournament.


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