Health Minister, Donville Inniss??(FP)????

A clarion call has gone out from another government Minister to local service organisations to assist in restoring a greater sense of pride and industry in society, particularly among the youth, by "working with them on their turf".

Health Minister, Donville Inniss made this appeal to the members of the Lions Club East as he addressed their 23rd Anniversary Charter Night Dinner held at the Golden Sands Resort last Saturday.

"The work of Lions with the visually impaired, the poor in society and the youth in particular, all stand out as beacons of success to be emulated by all… Now, I challenge you to go and sit on the block or any place they congregate and reason with the youth. You will quickly find that all hope is not lost… First, we have to understand their situations and be prepared to work in a co-operative manner to resolve them. We condemn the boys on the block and are quick to assign all manner of deviant behavior to them. I say to you that for many of these youth, the block is where they find greatest comfort and support," he opined.

While pointing out that along with the other "demons" that threatened to consume the lives of the youth, a serious drug culture was permeating every strata in society.??

"We must all accept that many of the youth in our middle and upper-income homes are too faced with the scourge of illegal drugs, alcohol abuse, crime and all forms of deviant behaviour. Living in a gated property does not make you immune to the challenges of life! I have seen, and continue to see, many parents who are challenged with child rearing. Sometimes, one hears of all the material things the children have received, the Ipods, Ipads, Game Boys, Xbox, Playstations… and all manner of material things-but you hear so little of the love and guidance needed," Mr. Inniss emphasised.

The Minister also took the opportunity to congratulate the members of the club for their work in the St. Phillip community, including donations, the staging of health fairs and various environmental awareness campaigns.

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