Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, has cleared the air on the issue raised this week by the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) regarding the appointment of over 400 teachers to the public service.

Speaking to the media following a service at Christ Church Parish Church marking the start of Education Month, Mr. Jones said: ???I believe in August we announced that by the end of September we would have all persons – the 416- appointed. But suffice it to say, that all persons in the 416 to be appointed will be appointed from September 1. It???s not when the letter comes but the letter will state that they are in fact appointed from September 1.

???We ran into a little challenge in that each letter is an individual letter. It???s not a letter that you just roll off and send out because each person came in to the service at a different time… So that means that you then had to slow your pace down to check everyone individually to ensure that no person was being disadvantaged.???

The Minister continued: ???We???ve now decided that they have to go out in batches rather than wait for all 416 to be completed, and, I believe that the first batch should be available next week to go out to those persons who are being appointed. So there is really no controversy around this issue. The commitment has been made and the commitment is being executed.???

Mr. Jones pointed out that his Ministry had finished their part of the exercise sometime in September and had passed all relevant information and data to the Chief Personnel Officer???s office so that department could prepare the letters and get them to the persons who were to be appointed. He assured the teachers that the work was being processed in a proper manner in order ???to meet the demands of the appointment???.

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