Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson. (FP)

Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, has issued a stern warning to the public to stop burning rubbish on their properties.

“This practice has to stop.  It is a breach of the law to do so,” he said, while also reminding persons that the Fire Service (Fees) Order, 2020 came into effect on April 1.

The Order requires that permission be sought and obtained from the Barbados Fire Service to burn rubbish or stuff.  The cost of those applications is $150.

“This is a reasonable legal requirement, since the Barbados Fire Service would have the knowledge and can supervise the burning so that it does not get out of hand,” Mr. Hinkson said.

The Minister lamented that it was clear from reports reaching the various authorities that persons are ignoring this new law. 

“In fact, indiscriminate burning has apparently increased since the institution of the curfew, with more people being home and perhaps clearing their homes of what they no longer need,” he outlined.

However, he appealed to persons to find alternative means of getting rid of what they no longer wanted, and to desist from burning rubbish indiscriminately, out of consideration for others.

“It is insensitive to those neighbours, many of whom may suffer from asthma, sinus ailments or have respiratory issues, and who are invariably affected in an adverse way by what is clearly a public nuisance,” Mr. Hinkson explained.

He also cautioned that some persons affected by indiscriminate burning may be more susceptible to catching COVID-19, as a result of pre-existing respiratory ailments.

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