Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones (right) and Minister of State, Patrick Todd, participating in the groundbreaking for??Staple Grove Primary School, under the watchful eyes of pupils from South District and St. David’s??Primary School.??

When Government’s newest primary school opens in the Staple Grove, Christ Church area, it will have the capacity to accommodate some 620 children, a move described by Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, as a futuristic one.

Noting that students from the South District and St. David’s Primary Schools, which are to be amalgamated there would not make up that number, Minister Jones said that the aim was to make provision for future planned developments in housing and other expansions in the area.?? He made these remarks today, during a ground breaking ceremony at the site.

"We are building for the future.?? It makes no sense to build a small school and then have to construct another one somewhere along the line to accommodate growth in the area," he explained.

Mr. Jones lauded the Education Project Implementation Unit and contractors Kent Construction Limited for moving the process of construction forward, pointing out that both schools had been operating under less than satisfactory conditions for some time now.?? "However, these schools continued to produce to a very high level and at a very high standard," the Minister added.

He also noted that when constructed, the 7.8 million dollar facility will feature a play area which will be available for use by members of the surrounding communities.?? It will also boast 24 classrooms, a computer lab, administrative offices and storage areas.?? Construction is expected to last for 52 weeks.

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