Minister of Industry, Denis Kellman, admires some of the handmade bags for sale during his tour of Pelican Village. (S. Medford/BGIS)??

"Good noise" can sometimes bring good results.

This view was expressed by Minister of Industry, Denis Kellman yesterday, following a tour of Pelican Village with a number of representatives from the Ministry and the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.

He said that good noise may be the necessary tool to attract visitors to the craft centre.

Stating that the Ministry was currently looking at ways to market the area, he suggested that music could be used to attract tourists in the interim. "I know tourists love good Bajan music and Caribbean music.

The same way there is music in Broad Street and all over, we have to get some at Pelican," he suggested.??

Mr. Kellman also highlighted the importance of the Pelican Village location, and cited the need to develop a closer relationship with the Barbados Port Authority. "…We must get the information when the ships are coming in so that we can get together with the stakeholders. They may be able to put up some money and we might be able to match that money so that we can market the area, and create some activity…If it means we will have to do things to pull people across the street, we will have to do it," the Industry Minister affirmed.

Minister Kellman commended the entrepreneurs within the complex on their work, and encouraged them to continue producing quality items, which would ensure the support of his Ministry.?? He noted: "In Barbados…we have a business sector called

the small business and medium business sector, and that sector is driving the economy. [Therefore] we have to appreciate what they are doing and treat them the way they need to be treated."

The Minister also urged the producers to demonstrate that local products were of comparable or even better quality than the foreign ones. "Do not run away from the competition…The foreign product might be cheaper in price, but look at the quality," he advised.


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