Minister of Creative Economy Culture and Sports, John King. (FP)

Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King, has objected to an article which appeared in the Nation newspaper dated December 7, which implied that he, as Sports Minister, had stated that there would be no jobs losses, as a result of the merger of the National Sports Council and the Gymnasium.

According to the Minister, no such assurance could be given, as no definitive decision had been made as yet.

“The Ministry has not yet, and I want to stress, has not yet completed its proposals for the merger.  We have been in intense discussions between not only the Ministry itself, but the various boards of the two entities.  We have been looking at where we can do the best job of making sure that both entities give to the Barbadian public the kind of service that they deserve,” he said.

He explained that his Ministry would be following due process as it relates to any decisions where those organisations are concerned.

“That process has not yet been completed and until it is completed there really is no way that I can speak to any job losses or any fall out, as mentioned in the article,” he stressed.

Minister King gave the assurance that once a position is taken, he would ensure that the public is fully apprised of his Ministry’s decision.

“Once it is completed, and we are able to say definitively what is going to be happening I would be prepared to come back to the nation (of Barbados) and say exactly what is happening.  Until that time, I want to give the Barbadian people the assurance that there is nothing to be worried about; there is nothing to be concerned about, but the information that you so desire, which is factual, can only come after we have completed the process,” he stated.

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