Minister in the Prime Minister???s Office with responsibility for Telecommunications, Senator Darcy Boyce, has lauded the efforts of the staff of the St. Giles??? Nursery School for its Communication ??? I Can Communicate project, which was launched this morning.

In his address to the audience which comprised adults and three-year-old students of the Ivy, St. Michael school, Senator Boyce said that ???it is good to see that the school is paying attention to communication from so early an age???it is one of the most important things you???ll have to do for the rest of your life.???

Noting that it was essential that communication be truthful, fair and helpful to others, Senator Boyce told those gathered that they should not only consider their message, but who they were communicating with and their mood when communicating.

???How you feel could affect what you say. If you feel angry, you???ll use angry words???if you feel good and happy, you???ll use words that are full of life???so you don???t go to communicate at [just] any time, you have to understand how you feel before you [communicate],??? he advised, adding that timing also played an important part in communicating effectively.

???When you???re going to talk to somebody???make sure that they???re paying attention to you. Don???t go and talk to mummy when she???s tending to your little sister, don???t try to talk to daddy when he???s driving the car, because if you do that, they???re not going to hear you???you have to sometimes wait a while before you try to [communicate],??? he said, adding that sometimes you may have to repeat your message to ensure that you are understood.

The Minister observed that an inability to communicate led to frustration, aggression and withdrawal, which then led to more serious issues in the future. As a result, Senator Boyce said, the importance of finding a means of sharing one???s message could not be understated.

The Communication ??? I Can Communicate project launch featured recitations and songs from the students, who were each assigned to one of six groups: The Significant Signers; The Roving Reporters; The Brilliant Broadcasters; The Busy Bookworms; The Dynamic Dancers; and The Sensational Singers.

The project will see students participate in educational tours to the Nation Publishing Company, CITA Radio, the Advocate Newspaper, One Caribbean Media, the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation and the Gun Hill Signal Station over the next five months.

Other activities will include use of puppetry and sign language, visits from personnel in the communication industry and interaction with devices which aid communication.

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