Minister of State in the Prime Minster’s Office, Rev. Joseph Atherley (third from right). Horace Walker, Brand Champion, Mount Gay Distilleries Limited (far left), next to him Michael Pownall, Chief Executive Sandy Lane, next to him Winton Gibbs, Finance Manager, Barbados National Oil Company Limited. At the Minister’s left is Alvin Ward, Unit Manager, Sagicor and next to him is Dr. J. Patricia Alleyne, Managing Director, Barbados National Terminal Company Limited.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Rev. Joseph Atherley, has praised corporate Barbados for the tangible contributions made to this year’s Independence celebrations.

His comments came today, after receiving sponsorship cheques from the Barbados National Terminal Company Limited, Sagicor, Sandy Lane, Mount Gay Distilleries and the Barbados National Oil Company Limited, at Government Headquarters.

“Government appreciates your generosity in the ways you have contributed. Celebrations are always big things which we are sometimes not always able to undertake alone; but you have made these celebrations and the ones to come a reality,” the Minister said.

He noted that the support so far from the public and corporate Barbados was satisfactory and anticipated it would only get better.

“The major events are still ahead, and government appreciates the support of your companies and hopes that other efforts will be as successful as this one. I believe the consultation is one of the more significant events of the 40th anniversary celebrations.

“Government could not do it alone, indeed it is history in the making and I believe generations will look back to see that corporate Barbados played a significant role in this nation’s history”, he added.

Sandy Lane’s Chief Executive, Michael Pownall said:  “Sandy Lane is proud to support the various celebrations. We will continue to support you (Government) because you are on the right track and we are delighted to be a part of the independence celebrations.”

The other sponsors agreed with the sentiment, noting that their respective companies were always willing to contribute to the staging of national events.

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