Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King, presents Julie Craig with a plaque to commemorate the couple’s 45th visit to Barbados while her husband, Simon Craig and Adrian Donovan of the National Sports Council, look on. (P.Harper-Grant/BGIS)

Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, John King, recently presented a token of appreciation to British couple, Simon and Julie Craig, who were married on February 24, on the Dover cricket field in Christ Church.

Minister King explained that the plaque was presented to the couple to mark their 45th visit to the island, and also to commemorate their unique wedding on the popular cricket ground.

The plaque was inscribed with the words ‘Congratulations to Mr. Simon and Julie Craig from the Ministry of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports, Barbados.  45 not out. Keep on batting strong’ on a map of Barbados next to a cricket bat and ball.

Mrs. Craig explained that she first visited Barbados in 2007, when the world cup cricket matches were held here, and had ‘fallen in love’ with the island from then.

She revealed that she came from a cricketing background and that this love of the game had been inculcated in her from childhood.

“I have links back home because I’m the secretary and treasurer and the administrator of a local club back home, which my parents were involved in.  My dad played there for 50 years. So, from kids, we’ve always been involved in cricket and everything,” the new bride shared.  

The couple, who leave on March 6, thanked the Sports Minister for his gift, and pledged that this visit would not be their last.

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