Minister of Energy and Business Development, Kerrie Symmonds. (FP)

Businesses are being encouraged to join the Barbados National Standards Institution and become active members so they can benefit from the services and technical assistance offered through its various initiatives.

This appeal came from Minister of Energy and Business Development, Kerrie Symmonds, in a message to observe World Metrology Day on May 20, under the theme: Metrology in the Digital Era.

“Businesses stand to gain tremendous benefits through BNSI engagement. One advantage to businesses is getting the appropriate guidance in how to implement strong quality management systems, along with digital applications, into business activity.  This is especially needed when it comes to micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

“It is believed that incorporating digital capabilities within this strategy will enable businesses of all sizes to be more internationally competitive and recognised, which should allow them to tap into the huge potential of the export market for their goods and services,” Mr. Symmonds stated.

He said his Ministry recognises the imminent inclusion of a National Quality Policy for Barbados, which was developed to improve the competitiveness of the island’s goods and services, and to maximise the use of a well-developed National Quality Infrastructure.

“Within the proposed Policy, recommendations are made that when dealing with the international development agencies and donor agencies, the Government of Barbados will seek support for the transfer of quality related technology to Barbados. At the policy level, therefore, we see the country’s commitment to technology, and by extension, the digital systems supporting technology.

“The National Quality Policy will also provide the institutional framework needed for the implementation of quality initiatives in virtually all segments of the Barbadian society. The Policy speaks to digital recommendations being made to enhance the quality of goods and services, using digital platforms to facilitate Barbados’ access to global markets and utilising the International Electrotechnical Commission for the easy digital development, access and distribution of international standards,” he explained.

Mr. Symmonds noted that the Ministry’s efforts to proclaim a comprehensive Metrology Act, in the not too distant future, would also embrace all aspects of metrology, thereby harmonising Barbados’ legislative and strategic plans with those in the international arena.

He pointed out that significant consideration to modern digital requirements had been made, where the Act would provide the legal framework for the development of Barbados’ metrology system.

“The inclusion of more digital approaches to metrology infrastructure, including, for example, the calibration of digital blood pressure devices, breathalysers, speed guns and temperature guns have been considered.  A main objective of this upcoming Act is ‘the facilitation of fair trade’ through harmonised written standards, consistent measurement standards, and internationally accepted digital certificates,” he explained.

Mr. Symmonds said his Ministry fully supports the National Service Sector Development Strategy, which intends to provide a framework for inclusive and sustainable development.

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